Dear Friends of Chic Critique,

Hey everyone! I am so excited to finally have a resolution and an answer for you as to the future and direction of the Chic Critique Forum.

I want to express my gratitude to each of you who have been so understanding and patient in light of this very stressful time for me, my company, and especially for my family. I can’t express how much I value you as customers and friends and how much I appreciate all of you who have reached out to me with words of encouragement and support. I hope as we move forward, we can focus on all the amazing and positive things that are in-store. I am so grateful for the patience and loyalty that so many of you have shown me in the last few weeks.

My main attraction to wanting to get involved with Chic Critique was the amazing members it has, and you have shown over and over again just how wonderful you are!

As you may know earlier this year, I intended to purchase from France Enterprises, LLC (owned by Matt & Kelli France) some of the assets of the Chic Critique Forum website. It was soon discovered that the website had been the victim of vicious acts of vandalism committed by computer hackers prior to my involvement. Upon immediate discovery, and in order to protect the members, we took down the site and operations were put on hold. As can be expected, this created numerous logistical and technical difficulties on our end, especially regarding the ownership of assets I had intended to purchase. The existing site was taken down, and we have worked endlessly to build a new site that would be safe for our members.

I am very aware that you, as the members, have been stuck in a very difficult and frustrating situation while the site has been down. This has undoubtedly been the worst part for me. I’m so excited to finally be moving past this obstacle so we can work together to build the community as originally planned. I started this journey to help people, build their businesses alongside them, and give people the same tools that I have been given to better my life and my business. Some of you may have seen that in the midst of the issues with Chic Critique, I launched a new site called Learn Elite. Learn Elite is the community that I had dreamed of, with the teachers and tools I wanted to offer, and I am so excited for all that we are building. You can check out our platform HERE and read more about our vision HERE.

My plan all along was to create a community where we could share our life experiences, advice, business tips, and much more with each other. Although we are building on work and efforts from the past, it is our hope to make improvements for the future. As part of this effort, we intend to reach out to all of you for tips and suggestions about how we can make the Learn Elite community and services as exciting and useful as possible. If you love building your business, love your family, love building the life you dreamed of, love adventure, love education, and love amazing teachers, we think you will love Learn Elite. So for all of you, I invite everyone to come join us.

  • For those of you who had paid memberships with Chic Critique Forum, Learn Elite is offering all a free year of membership, starting as soon as you sign up. You will just need to email from the email address you originally had set up with Chic Critique Forum and we will get you all the information to get started with your free year.


  • For those who had lifetime memberships with Chic Critique Forum, Learn Elite is going to honor those as well. You will just need to email with verification of your lifetime membership and we will get you all the information to get started with your membership.


  • And for those who never joined the Chic Critique Forum but would like to give Learn Elite a try, we are offering you a chance to join Learn Elite at an amazing price. Please use the code “ANEWDAY” to get a $50.00 discount off any membership. Click HERE to join!


These offers are available and open for eligible recipients for the next 45 days (expiring July 30, 2015).

I recently read a quote that I think perfectly sums up this whole experience, “Change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle, and amazing in the end.” I can’t tell you how excited I am to get past the “messy” and get on to the “amazing” with all of you!

All the best.

Talk to you soon,

Abbey Kyhl
Learn Elite, LLC